venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Wedding time

University day

I'm 18!!!

MY 18th (preview)

Preview for my 18 by Vincenzo

Party for 18th

 This year a lot of my friends (including me!)
reach age 18. I show you ten of the clothes I wore for the occasion. What is your favourite??

transparent blouse: Artigli
leather leggings: Calzedonia

 dress : Zara

  dress : Artigli

 faux fur: Zara
                                                             thights: Calzedonia

  dress : Viktoria K
                   thights: Philippe Matignon
stole: Luisa Spagnoli

 dress: Zara

 shirt : Zara
                                                                  skirt: Zara

 dress and jacket: Artigli

 dress: Zara
                                                       jacket: Artigli
maxipochette: Zara

 dress: Intimissimi

My spaces

 Here is a little corner dedicated to my room!

Lilac Passion

watching my mother's (xD) necklace, I created this simple make-up in shades of lilac. I pu a single eyeshadow and then a line of back eyeliner. A vanielabeije powder for the face, mate finish.
    Necklace: LaMurrina


  Positano is a beauiful summer resort. Nothing to add.

  yellow shirt: Zara
                         shoes: Dive&Co


 It was a summer day. My sister and I had nothing to do, so we decided to go out without knowing exactly where to go, only with the camer on our shoulder.

 blouse: Camomilla Italia
 mini skirt: Conbipel

Hot or Cold?

These photos date back to July. Althought this, it wasn't a hot day...I and my family went to eat at a restaurant in the mountains.

        mini-dress: UBC of Benetton
        mini jacket: Artigli
        bag: Fergi
        Shoes: Phard
        Sunglasses: H&M

Some Summer Walks

Some moments of last summer
in Formia 
   leggings: Calzedonia
leather mini jacket: Artigli

 in Rome
jeggings: Calzedonia
shirt: Artigli
trench: Silvian Heach


in Naples, with my best friend
leather mini jacket: Artigli
blouse: Silvian Heach
jeans: Phard
shoes: Superga by Fiorucci

 in the countryside, with my sister and my cousin
Hat: H&M
skirt: Conbipel
Shoes: Pepa
Blouse: UBC Of Benetton

  in Salerno, with my best friend
skirt: Zara
shirt: UBC of Benetton
shoes : UBC of Benetton

 lunch with my family
shirt: Zara
mini bag: Camomilla Italia