venerdì 23 dicembre 2011

Party for 18th

 This year a lot of my friends (including me!)
reach age 18. I show you ten of the clothes I wore for the occasion. What is your favourite??

transparent blouse: Artigli
leather leggings: Calzedonia

 dress : Zara

  dress : Artigli

 faux fur: Zara
                                                             thights: Calzedonia

  dress : Viktoria K
                   thights: Philippe Matignon
stole: Luisa Spagnoli

 dress: Zara

 shirt : Zara
                                                                  skirt: Zara

 dress and jacket: Artigli

 dress: Zara
                                                       jacket: Artigli
maxipochette: Zara

 dress: Intimissimi

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